Birding Holidays in Sardinia - Villa Baratz is less than 10 minutes from Lago Baratz

Sardinia is home to a wide variety of resident bird species but, as the second largest Mediterranean island, is also a well-established  staging post for a host of migrant species en route to and from Europe, Africa and Asia. The island offers a wide range of habitats including extensive Mediterranean macchia and coastal woodlands; cliffs; forests; coastal marshland and lagoons (stagno); lakes and mountains.

According to location and time of year species you might expect to find include: flamingoes; ravens; golden eagles; falcons; griffon vultures; marsh harriers, purple gallinule, hoopoe, purple heron, little bittern, spoonbill, little bustard, warblers, larks, bee eaters, swifts, game birds such as partridge and woodcock and dozens of varieties of finches and other sea or wetland birds. However the following links provide a more extensive list and give additional comments and information from other birders.

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Lago Baratz, the only natural lake in Sardinia, plays host to an amazing variety of birds and waterfowl. Villa Baratz is less than a 10 minute drive from Lago Baratz and makes a convenient base for frequent visits to the lake, as well as being ideal for a relaxing holiday and convenient for many of the locations referred to in the above web links.

For first-hand details on the species that can be seen at the lake, and other locations around Sardinia, please click Jason Anderson's link above to benefit from his experiences:

Villa Baratz is the perfect accommodation solution for combining birding opportunities, in a largely unwatched island, with an exciting Mediterranean holiday for family and friends.

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